Fun Events

Free Fall

FREEFALL constitutes a lot of fun events which are undertaken at the Pavillion from Tug-of-war to Food stalls . In this event we'll provide Mr. and Ms. Freefall and many other goodies and cash prizes. This is the only funny and cheerful part of the technical fest ENGINEER

Day 1 (18 Oct Friday)

  • Event: Mr and Mrs Freefall, fun activities
  • Prizes: Cash prizes for winner and runner up

Day 2 (19 Oct Saturday)

  • Event: Intersection Competition
  • Prizes: Cash prizes for winner and runner up
  • Games: 1)Tug of war:A contest in which two teams pull at opposite ends of a rope until one drags the other over a central line. 2)Dance faceoff: A content in which two contestants have to show their dancing skills against each other on a different part of the same song. 3)Balloon games: This game is played with 5-6 contestant at a time each one of them have a balloon and a string of approximately one metre. They need to blow up their balloon tie it with the string and then tie the string to their tie. The aim is to protect their balloon while bursting others balloon. 4)Ring games:In this game a contestant is provided with a certain number of rings and their are some objects/gifts placed at a certain distance. The contestant need to throw the ring on the objects to win.

Gaming Events

Heads up, Gamers! As virtual universe becomes more “real” with every passing year, this ENGINEER, we invite you to immerse yourselves into the world of esports. From First Person Shooters to Racing to Battle Royales, all eyes are going to be on you once you’ve entered the arena. Just few more clicks and register yourself for a gaming extravaganza of ENGI’19.Be it any genre, we've got you covered.

  • Break new grounds with FIFA.
  • Go all guns blazing with CS: GO.
  • Be the #1 with PUBG Mobile.
  • Hit the gas with NFS Most Wanted
  • Show your tactical prowess with DOTA 2.